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Hydraulic Power Units

Power your hydraulic equipment with a rental HPU.

Particle Counters

Get on the road to lower ISO cleanliness codes and improved hydraulic efficiency by knowing your current particle counts.

Filter Carts

Portable and lightweight filter carts designed for small gearboxes or reservoir conditioning and fluid transfer.

Vacuum Dehydrators

Remove free, emulsified and dissolved water and gas. 1-20 GPM, standard & explosion proof options available.

Filter Skids

Filter skids to rapidly remove water and other contaminants from fuel and turbine oils. 

CFI maintains a fleet of rental equipment to assist you with your fluid-conditioning requirements. This fleet includes Vacuum Dehydrators,Filter Carts, Filter Skids, HPUs, Particle Counters, and EHC Solutions. We offer monthly rental programs and “Lease to Own” options. Contact us for rates and availability. 

Rental and Leasing Options

EHC Contamination

Prevent EHC servo valve failures and extend useful life by removing submicron isolube contamination from EHC fluids.