Custom Design & Fabrication

No One Size Fits All:

Every application has different requirements, meaning a cookie cutter solution might not have everything you need, resulting reduced production and higher operating costs.  We will work with you at every stage to identify the budget and solution that best fits your needs, providing you with the perfect system to optimize your productivity and efficiency.  You shouldn't have to worry about if a motion control system fits your application, you deserve a system that’s built to meet your unique needs.

Decades of experience make CFI a leader in application based motion control design for land based, offshore, and subsea applications. In addition to design and fabrication services, we offer upgrade, and modernization solutions for your motion control systems.

Finding The Right Fit For You:

Settling on a solution that doesn't fit your needs can result in inefficient operation and lost time. Finding the right solution isn't just about skills in a single field, but everything from fluid power to electrical systems to fluid cleanliness. You deserve a systems provider who will find exactly what you need and applies diverse proficiencies to provide the innovative solution that best fits your application.  We work with our customers from concept to commissioning to find the solution that best fits their unique needs, and we will not stop until we find the correct solution.

Improve Safety And Efficiency With Automation:

Moving equipment, pressurized fluids, and the human element can be a dangerous combination as users can make mistakes that hurt people and damage equipment.  Removing the potential for human error can make a worksite safer and more efficient for both assets and people. Automation and remote control in motion control systems can improve system safety by removing workers from the work area and  allowing them to do their jobs from a safe distance.  The result is a system that gives you a safe, simple to use, and reliable system so you can worry less about accidents and focus on production.

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Assured Reliability & Performance

Failure to properly vet a system prior to real world operation can lead to unforeseen defects and failures. Testing equipment under real world operating conditions is important in assuring reliability and longevity.  All systems we build are tested throughout the fabrication process, giving you peace of mind that your system is ready for the job.

Different environments and regulations demand unique design standards and registrations. To ensure that you have the ratings and certifications that you need, CFI is an ISO 9001 registered company and we understand Zone Rating, ATEX, and DNV requirements and can build systems to those specifications.