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TDS11 Top Drive Manifold Solution

Avoid Failures From Fragile Manifolds:

Many OEMs build manifolds out of aluminum to make for a cheaper and lighter manifold as it is much easier to machine the softer, more malleable metal. However, cutting corners does come with steep tradeoffs in manifold durability and longevity. One very common issue with aluminum manifolds arises from exposure to constant high flow applications as fluids erode the soft internals of the manifold block, resulting in washouts. In addition, with steel being much harder than aluminum, overtightened steel screws, bolts, and fittings can easily strip the manifold’s port threading, a non-repairable issue that ruins the manifold. Furthermore, impacts and vibrations from top drive operation can result in stress fractures or chipping and wear along the corners in an aluminum manifold, further reducing its longevity and functionality. All of these issues will result in a   ruined manifold block as the system’s internal structure is too worn to maintain the correct flow rates and the system can no longer do what it’s meant to.


Get Durability and Longevity:

Oilfields demand rugged equipment and fragile aluminum based manifolds just won’t stand up to the harsh requirement of drilling operations.  Machining a top drive manifold out of steel instead of aluminum will give you the strong and dependable control solution that drilling demands. The FastBlock, CFI’s TDS11 top drive manifold solution, is machined out of zinc-nickel ductile iron block, which is more durable than the standard aluminum version. Steel grants the FastBlock enhanced resistance to the washouts associated with aluminum manifolds. In addition, using a steel based block greatly reduces the risk of accidentally stripping a port and ruining the manifold. These factors combine to provide a durable and long lasting top drive manifold solution that lets you focus on drilling without worrying about if your manifold will fail you.


Superior Performance and Testing:

The FastBlock is designed to exceed the requirements of the standard TDS11 top drive manifold. This system is populated with explosion proof solenoid valves to meet the needs of top drive fluid control. In addition, each system is thoroughly tested on CFI’s instrument test stand to ensure quality and performance.

FastBlock Highlights:
  • Fully stocked and ready when you need it!!!
  • Zinc-nickel plated ductile iron to prevent washouts and improve durability
  • Each manifold is populated with all components and thoroughly tested.
  • Every manifold is accompanied by full test reports and documentation.
TDS11 Manifold, topdrive manifold, cfi manifolf

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fastblock, cfi manifold, topdrive manifold, TDS11 manifold
fastblock, cfi manifold, topdrive manifold, TDS11 manifold
fastblock, cfi manifold, topdrive manifold, TDS11 manifold
fastblock, cfi manifold, topdrive manifold, TDS11 manifold