Field Service

The CFI Field Service Team:

In order to effectively tackle problems, our field service team is not only trained on a wide range of common hydraulic issues, but we also provide training opportunities for various specialized hydraulic certifications. Our team has the training and experience to troubleshoot a variety of hydraulic issues. We back up our field service crews with a full service center and engineering department which provides you with the support needed to get your hydraulic issues fixed quickly and efficiently.

Applying Fluid Conditioning Knowledge:

We pride ourselves on our expertise in fluid conditioning and cleanliness, and we recognize that most hydraulic issues can be traced to the hydraulic fluids themselves. Thus, we apply our commitment to fluid cleanliness to everything we do, including field service. We offer particle maintenance and oil analysis services during filter changes in order to ensure that your hydraulic fluids are clean and dry so you can keep working without unanticipated interruptions

Systems Installation And Commissioning:

CFI offers a wide range of fabrication and repair capabilities which we incorporate into our field services by offering system installation and commissioning options. Our technicians will go to your location to install and commission repairs and new builds originating from our service center. For our power generation customers, we can pull and reinstall gas valves at power generation facilities. Our systems installation and commissioning capabilities save you valuable time by providing you with a one stop solution for field service, troubleshooting, installation, and repair so you can focus on the business of your business.

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