Fluid Conditioning & Filtration

Increased Production Through Reduced Failures:

Fluid contamination accounts for 75% of all hydraulic failures, which means that improper fluid conditioning equipment and techniques lead to decreased efficiency and production. Increase reliability and reduce downtime with innovative fluid conditioning and filtration solutions from CFI. In order to keep motion control equipment functioning properly, we apply our knowledge of fluid conditioning to service a range of hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Stay Dry With Dehydration And Water Removal Systems:

Water contamination drastically reduces bearing and component life by elevated moisture levels. Vacuum dehydrators are designed to optimize the balance between heat, vacuum, and process design to rapidly remove dissolved water and gas, keeping your oil clean, dry and healthy. Water removal elements provide additional protection against water contamination in hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Fluid conditioning, filtration, oil cleanliness

Keep Your Engines Running With Diesel Fuel Conditioning:

Today's diesel engines require cleaner fuel with injector pressures leaving modern diesel engines vulnerable to solid and water contamination. Remove water and particles to extend fuel injector life and increase combustion engine fuel efficiency. Condition fuel during bulk tank fill, service truck filling, or as a kidney loop to maintain clean and dry fuel.

Prevent Start Up Failures And Fluid Degradation:

Particle build up, varnish, and acid will cripple any hydraulic or lubrication system by upsetting its delicate internal workings. Fluid solvency and removing dissolved by-products are essential to preventing varnish deposits from developing and maintaining low ISO codes. Address the root cause of deposit and acid formation with soluble varnish removal systems and ICB element upgrades.