Forges & Foundries

Maintenance and Repair Solutions:

When our customers need maintenance or repairs, CFI is committed to offering the highest quality of service. Our experienced technicians and machinists offer years of real world experience, to ensure repairs and maintenance are completed and tested properly in a timely manner. Repairs are tested throughout the repair process. Our testing is based on the operating conditions of the item being repaired. In addition, our field service capabilities include; repairs, installation of complete systems and hydraulic tubing, hydraulic machine upgrades, HPUs, and preventative maintenance.

Industrial - Foundry and forging, robotics, mining, and OEM applications.

Reduce Hydraulic Contamination in Foundries and Forges:

Foundries and forges are by their nature dirty operations. Hydraulic fluid contamination can wreak havoc on the delicate internal balance of a hydraulic system, resulting in costly delays and lost production. With our expertise in hydraulic filtration systems, CFI will help keep fluid contamination under control with innovative filtration products, support and solutions. Our hydraulic experts will help you indentify the most effective filtration solution for your unique needs.

CFI maintains a fleet of rental equipment to assist you with your fluid conditioning requirements. This fleet includes Vacuum Dehydrators and Filter Carts. We offer monthly rental programs and “Lease to Own” options.