Oil and Gas

Experience in Hydraulic Systems for Oil & Gas Applications:

CFI's skill in application based hydraulic design makes us a leader in land-based and offshore operations, cranes, and subsea oil and gas applications. We offer design, fabrication, upgrade, modernization, repair, and fluid conditioning solutions for your oil and gas hydraulic systems.

Engineering Experience and Commitment to Quality:

When our oil and gas customers need a hydraulic solution, our department has both the skills and resources to handle the job. Our hydraulic certified engineering team designs systems specific to our customers’ applications using SolidWorks 3D CAD software. All systems are tested at our facility throughout fabrication. A final test is made based on the operating conditions for which the unit is being designed. In addition, our engineering and design teams uphold rigorous standards to ensure that products leaving our service center meet the following certifications and registrations where applicable: ABS, CLS, ATEX, DNV, CE, STLE, IECEx, UL, and Lloyd’s Register.

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Modernization, Repair, and Upgrade Services:

Whether it’s on a gas field, an offshore platform, or a drilling rig, any fleet of hydraulic equipment will require modernization, upgrade, and repair services to remain at optimal condition. CFI will ensure that your hydraulic systems are maintained and kept up to date with current technologies and regulations. The CFI team has the expertise and resources to keep your hydraulic systems in peak condition.

Project Management Services:

To complement our design, fabrication, and repair abilities, CFI offers full project management to ensure that your system is serviced correctly. Our team will handle all necessary certifications and design, making sure that your hydraulic systems are prepared correctly. In addition, CFI offers online resources for field support and failure analysis for further assistance. Our expertise in project management services gives CFI a decisive advantage over the competition in service quality.