System Maintenance & Repair Solutions

CFI provides a variety of repairs and maintenance solutions for the petrochemical industry including rotary/slide valve repairs for coker unheading devices as well as hydraulic repairs and maintenance for marine loading arms. In addition, CFI provides repair, maintenance, and replacement part for hydraulic actuators, valves, and pumps. We take pride in our repairs, and we will work to ensure that all items leaving our facility are repaired like new and to original factory specifications. If we do not have a part on hand or if we encounter an unforeseen problem, we will adapt, learn, and do whatever it takes to make sure that repairs are completed promptly and completely.

Petrochemical, refinery, chemicals

Power Generation & CoGen Applications
CFI offers years of experience in EHC maintenance and repairs services for Siemens, Westinghouse, and General Electric steam turbine actuators and control valve assembly components. We specialize in GE D11 actuator maintenance for Miller, Rexroth, and Parker hydraulic actuators and we apply the same level of experience and knowledge in steam turbine actuators to gas turbine actuators. CFI also provides EHC maintenance and repairs for Siemens, Westinghouse, and GE gas turbine actuators and control valve assembly components.

Fluid Cleanliness Solutions
Fluid cleanliness issues are the bane of hydraulic applications, and CFI has the products and experience to find the correct fluid conditioning and filtration solutions for petrochemical motion control systems. In addition to filtration, filter element upgrades, and oil purification, we provide dehydration solutions for compressors and steam turbines. We also provide spare parts flushing and lube oil replacement services to keep hydraulic systems free of any potential contaminants.