Rubber & Plastics

Prevent Hydraulic Failures With Fluid Conditioning Solutions:

Hydraulic fluid contamination accounts for 75% of hydraulic failure by disrupting the delicate internal balance of a hydraulic system, resulting in costly delays and lost production. Therefore, preventative fluid conditioning solutions are imperative to ensure that your plant continues to operate smoothly and efficiently. Our hydraulic experts will work with you to identify the most effective fluid conditioning solutions for your unique needs.

In addition, CFI will train you to perform quarterly fluid particle level measurements so you can be proactive in maintaining acceptable ISO counts. Using data gathered from quarterly particle counts, we can make a graph to better predict when equipment may need maintenance, allowing you to prevent costly failures and outages. With our knowledge of hydraulic filtration systems, CFI will help keep fluid contamination under control with innovative filtration products, solutions, and continued support.

Rental Equipment Available:

CFI also maintains a fleet of rental equipment to assist you with your fluid conditioning requirements. This fleet includes Vacuum Dehydrators and Filter Carts. We offer monthly rental programs and “Lease to Own” options.

Hydraulic Repairs, Maintenance, And Modernization Services:

When our customers do need repairs, CFI is committed to offering the highest quality of service. Our experienced technicians and machinists offer years of real world experience, to ensure repairs are completed promptly. Furthermore, repairs are tested throughout the repair process, with testing being based on the operating conditions of the item being repaired. Central to serving our plastics customers, our experience with servos, sensors, pumps, and other hydraulic equipment gives us the capacity to not only repair equipment, but also provide valuable preventative maintenance.

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