At our core, we are passionate problem solvers for industrial motion control applications, and this passion is reflected by the range of services that we offer. CFI is a motion control solutions provider, meaning that we work with the customer to find the best solution to their unique needs and we find the solution that others have not seen. Please read below for more information regarding our custom systems, repair, fluid conditioning, field service, and actuator exchange services.

Custom Design and Fabrication Solutions

Custom Solutions from Concept to Commissioning:

You need motion control solutions designed to your specific requirements, which is why everything we build is customized to fit our customer’s unique needs. Our fluid power experts work with the customer at every stage of the design and fabrication process to ensure that we deliver a system optimized to the application. Furthermore, we offer turnkey solutions from design to on-site commissioning.

Decades of experience make CFI a leader in application based motion control design for land based, offshore, and subsea applications. In addition to design and fabrication services, we offer upgrade, and modernization solutions for your motion control systems.

We Find Solution That Others Missed:

We pride ourselves on applying our expertise in motion control and fluid conditioning to find the innovative motion control solution that others did not consider. Our staff has a wide range of training and certifications including; fluid power engineer, electrical engineer, fluid power specialist, and SolidWorks giving us the technical experience to provide innovative motion control solutions. We work closely with the customer to identify the issue and we will not stop until we find the correct solution.

Commitment To Quality And Craftsmanship:

All systems are rigorously tested at our facility throughout the fabrication process and a final test is made based on the real world operating conditions that the system is designed for. Our engineering team upholds rigorous quality control principles to ensure that all products leaving our service center are built to the highest standards and use the best components. CFI is an ISO 9001 registered company and we understand Zone Rating, ATEX and DNV requirements and can manufacture systems to those specifications.

Systems Documentation And Web Support:

Having access to the proper manuals and supporting information for a new system is critical to ensure safe and efficient operation. Our engineering department provides full detailed systems documentation, BOMs, COCs, drawings, and other supporting documents for all of the systems that we design and manufacture. CFI provides copies of these documents upon system delivery. In addition, documents are accessible 24/7 through a password protected customer portal on our website so that operators in the field can access them when needed.

Service Center And Manufacturer Repairs

Full Service Repairs And The CFI Advantage:

We take pride in our repairs, and we will work to ensure that all items leaving our facility are repaired like new and to original factory specifications. We approach repairs with an utmost commitment to providing the customer with a quality and reliable product. If we do not have a part on hand or if we encounter an unforeseen problem, we will adapt, learn, and do whatever it takes to make sure that repairs are completed promptly and completely.

To ensure a complete and quality repair, all repairs are tested throughout the repair process under the item’s anticipated operating conditions. Detailed failure analyses, repair evaluations, and replacement costing are provided to customers.

Factory Assured Performance With Manufacturer Repairs:

CFI is an authorized distributor for Atos, Moog, and MTS. Each of these manufacturers offers factory service, giving you peace of mind knowing that your repair has been repaired to factory standards and specifications with original factory parts and a factory warranty. Factory failure analyses and evaluations are also available. We are also an authorized integrator for Moog Industrial and we integrate Moog actuators to a variety of process valves for the power generation industry and offer Moog actuator exchanges.

Fast Turnaround With True On Time Delivery:

We understand that time lost to faulty components is lost money, which means our business is getting you operational as quickly as possible. We work within our customer’s time constraints to provide deliver repaired items as quickly as possible. Standard repairs are provided within 5-10 working days and rush repairs are available.

Fluid Conditioning Equipment And Services

Increased Production Through Reduced Failures:

Fluid contamination accounts for 75% of all hydraulic failures, which means that improper fluid conditioning equipment and techniques lead to decreased efficiency and production. Increase reliability and reduce downtime with innovative fluid conditioning and filtration solutions from CFI. In order to keep motion control equipment functioning properly, we apply our knowledge of fluid conditioning to service a range of hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Stay Dry With Dehydration And Water Removal Systems:

Water contamination drastically reduces bearing and component life by elevated moisture levels. Vacuum dehydrators are designed to optimize the balance between heat, vacuum, and process design to rapidly remove dissolved water and gas, keeping your oil clean, dry and healthy. Water removal elements provide additional protection against water contamination in hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Keep Your Engines Running With Diesel Fuel Conditioning:

Today's diesel engines require cleaner fuel with injector pressures leaving modern diesel engines vulnerable to solid and water contamination. Remove water and particles to extend fuel injector life and increase combustion engine fuel efficiency. Condition fuel during bulk tank fill, service truck filling, or as a kidney loop to maintain clean and dry fuel.

Prevent Start Up Failures And Fluid Degradation:

Particle build up, varnish, and acid will cripple any hydraulic or lubrication system by upsetting its delicate internal workings. Fluid solvency and removing dissolved by-products are essential to preventing varnish deposits from developing and maintaining low ISO codes. Address the root cause of deposit and acid formation with soluble varnish removal systems and ICB element upgrades.

Field Service Solutions

The CFI Field Service Team:

In order to effectively tackle problems, our field service team is not only trained on a wide range of common hydraulic issues, but we also provide training opportunities for various specialized hydraulic certifications. Our team has the training and experience to troubleshoot a variety of hydraulic issues. We back up our field service crews with a full service center and engineering department which provides you with the support needed to get your hydraulic issues fixed quickly and efficiently.

Applying Fluid Conditioning Knowledge:

We pride ourselves on our expertise in fluid conditioning and cleanliness, and we recognize that most hydraulic issues can be traced to the hydraulic fluids themselves. Thus, we apply our commitment to fluid cleanliness to everything we do, including field service. We offer particle maintenance and oil analysis services during filter changes in order to ensure that your hydraulic fluids are clean and dry so you can keep working without unanticipated interruptions

Systems Installation And Commissioning:

CFI offers a wide range of fabrication and repair capabilities which we incorporate into our field services by offering system installation and commissioning options. Our technicians will go to your location to install and commission repairs and new builds originating from our service center. For our power generation customers, we can pull and reinstall gas valves at power generation facilities. Our systems installation and commissioning capabilities save you valuable time by providing you with a one stop solution for field service, troubleshooting, installation, and repair so you can focus on the business of your business.

Actuator Exchanges

To supplement our actuator repair services, CFI offers an actuator exchange program for more rapid return to service. We maintain an inventory of steam turbine actuators for use on GE 7FA turbines. Contact us to learn more about the actuator exchange program and we will work with you to deliver the equipment that you need.